Bari Zaki spring trunk show

Saturday April 26 & Sunday April 27
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Featuring Bari's latest inspirations : Books you can choose for their covers.

European stationary sets. All manner of writing supplies including Italian inks, vintage calligraphy nibs & colorful pencils. Deluxe ready-to-send-envelopes to post your very special missives and freshly covered keepsake boxes.



studio visit: Kelley Jordan

The Kelley Jordan line of T's and comfy cut and sew knits are the newest addition to the Union Handmade team.  Kelley's studio is located in Bloomington, Illinois.  

the basis of her collection, and her obsession, is the basic white T shirt.

Kelley manufactures all her garments in Chicago from fabrics knit in Los Angeles.

 Kelley studio is a dream :5,000 sq feet of open space with lots of windows.

Union Handmade is excited to carry Kelley's knits that are locally made and fit great. thanks Kelley!

Ruby Bohannon studio tour

Jamie LaPorta (the name behind the label) has her workspace 

on the back porch of her North Side Chicago bungalow.

Some Ruby Bohannon pieces are made on the flatbed bulky knitting machine.

 It is referred to as machine knitting, but is fully manually operated. 

knitdowns and a hand crochet cap

fall 2013 color palette

crochet caps, hand knit scarf

a peek into how our windows were created:

Gary Borremans, one of the two painters in Chicago still creating

hand gilded signs at work before the shop opening 

the Union Handmade logotype was inspired by a rubber stamp used years ago

for Leigh's original store Made To Fit.  the sign is gilded with platinum

the address on the front door is in keeping with the original painted numbers on the store front

thank you to Union Handmade member Nancy Melvin who graciously donated the painting of the windows.  Nancy and her husband Tom own the Thomas Melvin Painting Studio responsible for many of the finer painted murals and signs in and around Chicago

one of Nancy's natural dye baths this one made from red cabbage

one of the simple cotton nightgowns Nancy makes for the store

Nancy and her daughter May at our grand opening

more about the gilding process and Gary Borremans :

The Union Handmade window is a classic hand lettered, gilded sign.  Gary Borremans, our sign painter, has done many prominent signs around town; people will be familiar with the several stories tall vertical sign painted on the brick of Lill Street Arts Center, and the nearby cavorting pulcinella on the roof of Spacca Nappoli Pizzeria.  'Classier' businesses always had gilded signs. There is really only one other sign painter who is actively gilding signs in Chicago aside from Gary these days.

What is a hand lettered and gilded sign?  First the position of the sign is marked on the glass.  Ours has its height at exactly eye level for a pedestrian outside on the sidewalk.  The outlines are laid upon the inside of the glass. To make such thin lines Gary combined sign painters Japan colors and silk screener's ink to create a stronger paint.  A gelatin sizing  consisting of melted gelatin in water solution is painted on the inside of the glass between the black outlines.   The next part of the process is quite tricky.  Each sheet of metal leaf comes from the manufacturer stacked in a small box and one can not touch the leaf with one's hand because of the oils on ones fingers.  Using only static electricity generated by passing the hairs of his brush over the hairs of his own head,  Gary would hold the brush just above the leaf  and gently 'float' the leaf through the air to position it directly over where it is to sit.  Deftly dropping the leaf in place, there is no moving it once it hits the gelatin size., always putting on more leaf than needed in order to cover it completely.  Then it is backed with black paint which traps the leaf and creates the mirror effect from the front.  The excess leaf is gently washed off.  It is backed up one more time with a clear coat for strength which allows one to be able to wash the back side of the windows.   

White gold, platinum, palladium and silver were all options for our leaf.  Silver tarnishes. We wanted a bright image so we chose the most brightly reflective leaf, platinum.  Gary was very excited to use Platinum because it evokes the classic Union Hall signs that are still shining brightly on Union buildings all over town.

Gary has painted with Thomas Melvin Painting Studio for many years.  He is a master of the gilded sign. He is also internationally exhibited as a portrait artist specializing in Chicago's Jazz and Blues musicians with several record covers to his credit. People may also be familiar with his fish paintings which hang in Shaw's Crab House on Hubbard St. in Chicago.  Tom and Gary gilded the doors at Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, the first commission of  architect Louis Sullivan.  The doors and the duel domes of that cathedral are gilded with gold.

link to Gary's bio on Thomas Melvin Painting Studio site:

link to Gary's fish paintings:

link to Gary's portraits of Jazz and Blues musicians on record  covers: