Susan Hahn learned to sew when she was just a few years old, and began knitting when she was five.  Her lifelong fascination with fabric and clothing influences her multidisciplinary career in design and textiles.

Hahn was raised in rural Northern California, and grew up playing with a wardrobe of Barbie outfits meticulously crafted by her grandmother.  Hahn founded her first company, SU-ZEN, in 1984, after earning a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  In 2002, after 18 years in business, Hahn closed SU-ZEN, and moved to New York.

In 2011 Hahn founded her newest company.  After years of collecting utilitarian objects from other lands, Hahn has assembled the everyday items of India which make up the Auntie Oti collection.  Auntie Oti focuses on home and personal accessories with a special emphasis on khadi: hand woven fabrics made of hand spun yarn.  The collection has grown to include bedding and women’s clothing made exclusively of khadi.

“The collection is an expression of my love of textiles, travel, and awe of the exotic.”