Molly Brown is a lifelong maker and fine artist. She comes from a family of self-starters small businesses, informing much of her values as a human and an artist. Her studio began from a desire to make quality worn goods, produced ethically and with natural fibers. She formerly studied as a painter and sculptor, showing at various galleries in the Chicagoland area. Designing clothing has fulfilled the tactile and visual need that both of these disciplines require, while allowing for more practical applications.

Molly believes that how we dress is an expression of how we feel and dressing well -- in fibers that are real and constructed with care -- elevates our sense of self. Each piece is cut in her studio and sewn by local seamstresses that are paid a living wage. Keeping business small ensures that getting dressed does not come at the price of basic human rights. Her designs are simple, elegant and modern; made to be worn just as well day-to-day as on special occasions. Her collections aim to bridge the gap between femininity and practicality.