Laura Hubka suspects she was a sculptor in a former life.  Although her designs often begin on paper, it is not until her hands and materials converge that her creations begin to take on life.  Like all artists, Hubka's philosophy maintains that the creation of beauty is not a job, it is a divine imperative.  Sometimes your career chooses you.

Because she takes great pride in her craftsmanship as a Milliner, Laura Hubka trims each of her pieces with a delicate hand.  To her, a work of art is all about color and texture, the contrast between a plush velour and a shiny buckle.  The silhouettes are classic and never fussy.  The lines are clean and flattering to a woman's face.  The result is contemporary, wearable, and shamelessly feminine. 

A native Chicagoan, Laura Hubka studied millinery in both her hometown and in New York City.  As a Millinery Instructor at Judith M Millinery Supply House for over a decade, she has had the great pleasure of teaching students from across the country.  She has also participated in events with The Chicago Cultural Center, The Peninsula Hotel, and GenArt.  In 2004, Hubka was honored to receive GenArt's prestigious Fresh Faces in Fashion award for accessory design.  Although her work has been featured in print, film and theatre, her favorite shout out came from a mention in the 2014 book, The Lost Art of the Dress by Linda Przybyszewski. Hubka, a member of the Millinery Arts Alliance since 2003, has had her creations travel to some of the most glamorous events in the world atop her client's heads.  However, her most beloved creation to date is named Lucinda who has a love of strawberries.