King Ludd Textiles is on a brief hiatus - check back this fall!

Welcome to King Ludd Textiles, a Chicago hand-weaving studio specializing in heirloom-quality home goods and apparel. 

King Ludd Textiles was started for the love creating textiles of quality no longer found in a mass production marketplace. King Ludd Textiles specializes in throws, baby blankets, scarves and textile goods for home use.. King Ludd Textiles is not only a studio of independent craftsmanship but of unique design only made possible by the method of it's creation-by hand.

The studio King Ludd Textiles is run by Emma, who has been an intensive handweaver since receiving her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has worked at the Chicago Weaving School for several years and studied at Vavstuga in drawloom weaving and at Fondazione Lisio in velvet design and analysis with a scholarship to study velvet textiles from the Textile Society of America.